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Activated Charcoal & Lemon Soap Bar


Our Lemon soap bars are flavored with refreshing lemon oil. This activated charcoal soap has natural antibacterial properties, making it an excellent alternative to chemical cleaning agents. Our Buddhist Beauty Soap effectively moisturizes, fights acne, and soothes rosacea.


he Activated Charcoal & Lemon Soap Bar can help prevent breakouts and reduce hyperpigmentation from sun damage and scarring. Soap with activated charcoal and lemon from aqua, glycerin, sorbitol, sodium stearate, sodium laurate, sodium oleate, oil, sodium, sodium palm kernel, sodium chloride, sodium citrate, citric acid, citrus charcoal (essential oil).



Activated Charcoal & Lemon Soap Bar

SKU: 026
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    • Skin Type: Oily Skin
    • Type: Lemon Soap Bar
    • Body Area: Body, Face, Hands
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