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Cooling Foot Cream with Peppermint 150ml


Our foot cream may be a top seller and that we are delighted to supply it now on Amazon. It absorbs easily into your skin and for best results, massage onto feet and ankles then placed on a pair of socks and let the goodness sink in. There’s nothing worse than being driven to distraction by hot, dry, wanderlust and this tingly tub will stop all of that.


It will provide you with a helpful boost of hydration from moisturizing shea butter, relieving burning and itchiness, and softening cracked callous heels. Steeped in soothing peppermint volatile oil, Peppermint cream has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties with a zingy, fresh menthol scent which will fight against foot odor and fungal conditions.



Cooling Foot Cream With Peppermint

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