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Bath Salts

Soak and unwind in a satisfying bath of our detoxifying Epsom bath salts and submerge yourself in multiple nutrients, vital for the skin’s metabolism.

Taking a long soak in a hot bath is one of life’s greatest yet most simple of pleasures and, with the addition of a few key pampering products, you can quickly and easily transform your humble bathroom into a heavenly, spa-like experience. Soaking in bath salts not only feels good for the soul, it has many added health benefits, such as lifting the mood, aiding sleep, alleviating muscle pain and exfoliating dry skin.

Soap Bars

Our wonderful soap bars are blended with the most beautiful aromatherapy oils and butters to wash without drying and make you smell delicious.


Try out our loofah soap bars to exfoliate as you wash.

Dry Body Oil

Body Moisturiser

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