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Glow Bath Salts with Rose 500g


Natural Solution Bath Salt is made with 100% natural salt that is extracted from the Himalayan mountains, which is the purest salt on this planet. Our own body soak is known for its purity and therapeutic properties; it easily dissolves in warm water. Light some candles, it's time for some indulgent relaxation. Cleanse and detoxify your body skin whilst soaking in a well-deserved hot bath, and feel the healing power of Epsom salts and sea salts work their wonders.


Himalayan Salt is rich in minerals thus taking bath with this salt helps to instill the body's skin and whole body with essential minerals. Himalayan Bath Salt also helps to maintain the ph balance. With anti-inflammatory effects, these Natural Bath Salts will flush out toxins and stimulate your body's skin’s metabolism to encourage new cell growth and restore a natural glow. Soak up the sultry scent of a heady rose for some pure escapism.



Glow Bath Salts with Rose

SKU: 002
  • While your bath is running add a small handful of bath salts into the water flow to help increase the speed at which they dissolve. Once you have added the salts, agitate the water to ensure they have fully dissolved. Closing the bathroom door will help keep the fragrances in a confined space and increase their intensity.

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