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Hydrating Lemon Lip Balm


Banish your dry, cracked lips with this Ultra-Hydrating Lemon Lip Balm. It’s formulated with coconut oil, vitamin E oil, and shea butter, making it a handy little expert at locking in moisture and smoothing and softening your skin to restore your smile. Lemon Balm contains cold sore reducing properties making it perfect to keep those nasty sores at bay. The oils have been blended with moisture-intensive Shea Butter and Coconut oil to keep your lips soft and prevent chapping and blistering.


Paired with the refreshing and tingly scent of peppermint this Lemon Lip Balm is ideal for beating the symptoms brought on by the elements. Cold sore outbreaks are often triggered by exposure to hot sun, cold wind, a cold or other illness, a weak immune system, changing hormone levels, or even stress.


All packaging is plastic free and the Hydrating Lip Balm is vegan, natural, palm oil-free, and cruelty-free. An all-natural Vegan Lip Balm. A natural herbal lip balm made from lemon balm-infused oil to treat and deter cold sores. This Lip Balm is perfect for anyone who is prone to suffering from cold sores.

Hydrating Lemon Lip Balm

SKU: 040
    • Type: Lip Balm
    • Flavor: Lemon
    • Weight: 10 ml
  • Rub lightly with your finger and apply to the lip surface to give you soft, hydrated and beautiful Lemon scented lips.

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