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Sweet Orange Dry Body Oil


Our dry oil spray may be quick and convenient thanks to delivering an attempt of moisture to dry skin. It’s easily absorbed, residue-free and your skin will happily drink it up. Indulge your skin and your senses with this nourishing and moisturizing dry body spritz. Fragranced with romantic rose, this delicate floral mist will rehydrate dry skin and leave it feeling instantly soothed, soft and silky.


After cleansing your skin, apply dry attar of Sweet Orange nightly using your massaging fingers. Suitable for an excellent massage with a fantastic smell that lasts for long hours.


Rose Dry Body Oil

SKU: 053
  • Holding the bottle around 30cm away from your body, spray a light layer all over, paying particular attention to any dry areas. After a moment the oil will dry leaving your skin soft, silky smooth, and irresistible.

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